1. Up-Coming Homecoming


  2. The Atlantic shows us where the world has travled this year, according to Facebook.


  3. Missing India.


  4. Missing India. Daily.


  5. The happiest place.


  6. Dynamic Wind Map of the United States. Click here for real-time.

    For me, one of the best feelings in the world is getting up early, on a windy, wild morning (like this morning) getting into the car with someone I love, stopping for coffee and heading out on an adventure. That, quite simply, is my pure bliss.


  7. International news is so depressing. Famine, war, dead polar bears. And now this!

    My life-long fantasy destination of the Maldives has just been stripped of everything necessary for an indulgent vacation. Islamic Rule has banned massages, alcohol and pork.

    I guess it’s back to Daytona Beach, world.


  8. Open a Book and Go

    (Source: catmungcal)


  9. Before we even set foot on Bourbon Street, New Orleans 2003 

    Looks like I may be going to Mardi Gras again this year.

    Could it possibly be as fun as the trip our senior year of college? Big shoes to fill to even compare — I’ll have to find a fireman to hoist me onto his truck, a Miami football player to take to Biloxi, a guy with gold teeth to punch in the face, and Apes to nearly pass out with me on the curb after too many Hand Grenades.

    Good lord, let this trip be more civilized.

    Apes, I miss you! (“WHERE’S THE BLANKET?!”)


  10. The Real Cuba

    I’m rather obsessed with this travel blog Twenty Three Point Five, from the inspirational (and maybe one day accessible) UK-based service Black Tomato.

    If you have several thousand dollars for your next overseas escapade, these pros will plan it entirely, putting the latest and greatest in boutique hotels, bungalows, private islands, impossible reservations and prized global secrets on your itinerary.

    Bookmark the page for when we’re rich.