1. You Should Go

    Summer’s alive at the Playland Motel on Rockaway Beach.

    Like all my most-favorite New York things, I discovered it before the NYT did, last month with some of my dearest friends.


  2. This is Happening

    The highly anticipated opening of James Turrell’s latest work at the Guggenheim is upon us. He’s one of my favorites and I can’t wait to experience it. In New York this summer? Go!


  3. It was a beautiful day on the beach today. And now, sleep.


  4. The goal is to accomplish everything pressing on my never-ending to-do list in order to enjoy this kind of moment, completely guilt-free.


  5. If you’ve been wondering about the lack of posts, it is due in part by the recent increase in beach time that has been added to my schedule. Here are a few half-assed shots of what as an awesome Memorial Day weekend.

    Time on the beach now includes games of human-sized Jenga, a brillant invention by KH, with crucial refinements to rules and function by JH. This is a true crowd-pleaser. Patent-pending.

    Kites are also making a come-back.

    Before leaving the beach, this strange man asked me to bury him in the sand… up to his neck… at the tide line. Potential suicide attempt? This is me pretending to fix the umbrella while he digs his hole/grave.


  6. I just wrote about this awesome bathing suit for Stylebop. I’d love it for summer. Actually the one-piece is even nicer. But what about the inconvenient tan lines?


  7. Greenpoint Summer


  8. I miss summer. And biking. Biking in the wrong direction on Wythe late one afternoon, screaming with AE, “I’m afraid to love!” while laughing hysterically.

    Clearly, we were not afraid to love afterall.


  9. The Mighty, Mysterious Ocean

    Paul Bobko captures the potency of the wave.

    Exhibit is on now in New York, you lucky bastards.


  10. It’s hot everywhere. Including Brooklyn where this photograph was taken.

    Photographer Chris Arande who submitted to NYS, describes the setting:

    It was close to a hundred today so the hydrants where open. These kids had laid a plank in front of the spout and where “street surfing”. Ty-Shawn, Jaquan, Nahjee, and Dallas (I wrote it down) jumped at the chance for a picture. Now I have to bring back four copies of this picture and a Barbados flag (Dallas), a copy of the picture with sparkles (Nahjee), fruit soda (Jaquan) and a toy gun (Ty-Shawn). Got it.