2. As beautiful as my new town is, I still miss the street art and graffiti of New York every time I step foot out of the house. Sure, international varieties of flora perfectly manicured, sparkling $100,000 cars in every driveway, and palettes of pastels are a luxury, but nothing enriches my imagination like stumbling upon some spray-painted wisdom on a crumbling factory building in Brooklyn.


  3. Greenpoint Neighborhood Watch

    AS, my favorite Greenpointer, found this gem.


  4. Williamsburg is Kind of Dumb

    Lately, it’s been a toss up between Bedford Avenue and Murray Hill for the City’s most annoying neighborhood. This spray can poetry discovered on North 10th and Driggs shows Williamsburg in a slight lead over the East Thirties. (The last word is “children” - not that it really matters…)