1. Radhe, Shyam

    My dear teacher, I miss you everyday, even though you’re right here with me.


  2. It is incredible to think I was terribly, terribly sick in this photo, for when I see it, all I remember is the great joy and love I felt on this day.

    After a night of violent vomiting I was weak in bed, half-watching strange Indian television, when Shyamdas came in to check on me. He sat on the side of the bed, along with Carla and Bettina, and held my hand, made me laugh and told me I must find the strength to hike with them today to a very special place. Somehow I did. And that afternoon at the Jain temples, in the gorgeous golden sun and clear, blue skies, I was surrounded by a sense of love and peace that is still very much with me.

    Thank you, Shyamdasji.


  3. ML sent this grainy photo yesterday, in an email playfully titled, “You and Your Girlfriend”.

    She caught BS and me—lost in leelah and floating on the bhava—on a brief trip back in time to our India Experience, as we listened to Shyamdas during his recent kirtan performance at Love Yoga.


  4. Lost in Leelah

    I spent the first hour of my day with Shyamdas, and some lovely Kirtan, lost in the Bhava.

    Looking forward to spending the evening with dearest BS.


  5. I’ve stalled on writing a post about India long enough. The realization came that I probably never will be able to write one summary of a trip like this one—because it was one that changed my life.

    How did it change your life? Well, I’ve simply said that I felt like I went to India with something unknown broken, and I came back with whatever it was fixed.

    What was your favorite part? Well, every moment was my favorite moment. I lived completely in the present for seventeen days. Every single second more profound than the next. If you want more specific answers: a sunset boat ride on the Yumana river, an intimate musical performance by Deva Premal and Miten, and the unconditional love that flowed freely.

    What was the worst part? Shopping for saris. It was a memorable experience, full of chaos — crammed into a small shop, flying fabric eventually piling up over my head, the high-pressure shop-keepers, the translations from Hindi to English, the thousands of rupees converted to dollars…

    How was the food? The most delicious meals I’ve ever had. All vegetarian. All eaten on the floor with my right hand. All prepared by on amazing man named Mohan who cared for our ever need.

    Did you get sick, I heard India is really dirty? Yes, I did get sick. I had my turn of a non-food-related stomach flu that caused me to sleep on a cold marble floor in a cold bathroom of a nice hotel. I threw up for 6 hours and was ill for 24 hours. (The above photo is me recovering. As you can see, being sick in India I was happier than on an average day in the States.)

    Who did you go with? I went with six fellow yoginis from Naples and New York—one of which was my certifying teacher, Carla, of Love Yoga, who got the trip off the ground. The journey was organized and led by Shyamdas, a great Bhakti, Vedantan scholar and author and translator of several incredible books. American-born Jew from New Haven of all places, he’s been in India for over 40 years.

    Where exactly did you go? The Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) and the Rajastan countryside, specially an area called Brij, where you’ll not find on a map or in a Lonely Planet guide.

    Did you see the Taj Mahal? Yes. And it was absolutely spectacular, but forgetable compared to the rest of the trip.

    What is different about you now? Well, I’m more focused and more clear on what I want in life. I’m more complete and ready to start it.

    Are you an enlightened Hindu now? Not exactly, but I do feel, in a sense, that I found God in India and that that energy has taken up residence in me. It entered on the third day when, spontaneously my heart opened, my eyes welled up with tears and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and great joy.

    Have a look at these photos and you’ll see just why India is so incredible.

    Radhe! Radhe!