1. This is before the pink boas and the second (or third?) Red Bull and vodka…

    I’m so grateful for amazing women in my life… like KHY whose heart radiates love so strongly it’s contagious. Jai!


  2. Arlo joined the dinner party.


  3. ML sent this grainy photo yesterday, in an email playfully titled, “You and Your Girlfriend”.

    She caught BS and me—lost in leelah and floating on the bhava—on a brief trip back in time to our India Experience, as we listened to Shyamdas during his recent kirtan performance at Love Yoga.


  4. MS is officially a yoga teacher! He gave me the sweetest recognition at his graduation. I’m honored to have introduced him to this great yogi world, to which he’ll contribute so beautifully. His first class is tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it.

    What better way to celebrate than at our favorite spot with some beach Jenga?


  5. That’s me off to the right.

    Last Sunday I went on a 7.2-mile paddle board trip.

    If it sounds intense that’s because it sounds intense. In reality, it was challenging, but not grueling as I feared it might be. (The night before I had called MR in a panic, unsure I could do the trip — he gently talked me into it.)

    BH picked me up at 6:30am in her sparkling blue bikini and off we went to try out our balance and stamina on an oversized surfboard. We started out at the Naples Pier and paddled about three miles on the Gulf, along the shore and front yards of the sprawling houses of Port Royal, and then made the turn into Gordon Pass, where the Naples coast seemingly terminates forever.

    The vantage point from the board allows for more wildlife veiwig than on a boat, swimming or sitting on the couch. A manatee swam right under my board. Sea turtles, dolphins and sharks were close, too.

    We paddled along the channel for another four miles and somewhere during that stretch I was pulled over by Marine Patrol. It was like being pulled over while walking. When this giant boat slowed down beside me, I was dwarfed by its size… like a tug boat alongside a jumbo cargo ship. When he put his lights on, I nearly laughed out loud. Apparently we all needed life vests and whistles, or $90 ticket, which we thankfully managed to avoid, would be issued.

    Three and a half hours of straight paddling later, we arrived, strong and accomplished, at our destination: a dock-side restaurant with a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

    By noon I was warmly drunk and looking forward to the next paddle, this Friday at midnight.


  6. If you’ve been wondering about the lack of posts, it is due in part by the recent increase in beach time that has been added to my schedule. Here are a few half-assed shots of what as an awesome Memorial Day weekend.

    Time on the beach now includes games of human-sized Jenga, a brillant invention by KH, with crucial refinements to rules and function by JH. This is a true crowd-pleaser. Patent-pending.

    Kites are also making a come-back.

    Before leaving the beach, this strange man asked me to bury him in the sand… up to his neck… at the tide line. Potential suicide attempt? This is me pretending to fix the umbrella while he digs his hole/grave.


  7. All happy after our magic morning.

    Monday started at 5am - chugging a cup of coffee and lacing up some old sneaks before the sun even considered lighting the sky.

    I had decided I’d walk the length of Naples, along the beach, roughly ten miles along the powder-white sand of the Gulf coast, from the iconic Naples pier by my house, to Vanderbilt Beach at the north-end of the city.

    BS joined me on this journey, one that everyone else thought extreme (one even calling it a “Death March,”considering the adventurous ways of the former resident of my apartment might be rubbing off on me).

    Back to our starting point, post-journey.

    The water was like glass, still and untouched, with only a ripple coming from the Black Skimmers who grazed the surface looking for breakfast. The sun eventually crept over the horizon, turning the cloud-spotted sky from pink to orange, then finally a pristine Monday blue.

    We walked along, reminiscing about India, sharing stories of our lives long before we ever imagined we’d be strolling on this beach, and talking about a future that seems most exciting. Along the way we were joined by a night heron who hunted alongside us until the deeper waters of Clam Pass forced us to end our walk a couple miles early, as we hit hour three.

    We washed our feet and wandered up to the Waldorf Astoria — formally the Naples Grand, formally the Registry, formally the location of my junior prom, formally the place MB and I used to lounge pool-side, in middle school, while we told our parents we were at the beach. BS and I enjoyed a cappuccino and a lovely couch, blabbing until SG picked us up and took us, famished, to brunch.

    Post-brunch, post-walk swim and laughs


  8. Forty Years Later

    Not really sure what these photographs of the EPA’s Documerica project are supposed to make me feel. A little less trash, slightly clearer skies — but same technology… same cars, same processing plants. It’s interesting to see the progression of the years, or lack of progression, perhaps, but looking at these images with an uneducated eye in the environmental and clean energy fields, I feel a bit discouraged.

    I supposed I’m inspired by Portland’s transition from gas shortage to public transportation, but the rest of the country—especially the suburbs — has a long way to go. That includes Naples. I’d love to hop on a Metro running the length of 41 right up to work and back. And, more importantly, from the bars, home.

    Inspired by a post from This Isn’t Happiness


  9. Sometimes I Miss NYC… and Sometimes…