1. All happy after our magic morning.

    Monday started at 5am - chugging a cup of coffee and lacing up some old sneaks before the sun even considered lighting the sky.

    I had decided I’d walk the length of Naples, along the beach, roughly ten miles along the powder-white sand of the Gulf coast, from the iconic Naples pier by my house, to Vanderbilt Beach at the north-end of the city.

    BS joined me on this journey, one that everyone else thought extreme (one even calling it a “Death March,”considering the adventurous ways of the former resident of my apartment might be rubbing off on me).

    Back to our starting point, post-journey.

    The water was like glass, still and untouched, with only a ripple coming from the Black Skimmers who grazed the surface looking for breakfast. The sun eventually crept over the horizon, turning the cloud-spotted sky from pink to orange, then finally a pristine Monday blue.

    We walked along, reminiscing about India, sharing stories of our lives long before we ever imagined we’d be strolling on this beach, and talking about a future that seems most exciting. Along the way we were joined by a night heron who hunted alongside us until the deeper waters of Clam Pass forced us to end our walk a couple miles early, as we hit hour three.

    We washed our feet and wandered up to the Waldorf Astoria — formally the Naples Grand, formally the Registry, formally the location of my junior prom, formally the place MB and I used to lounge pool-side, in middle school, while we told our parents we were at the beach. BS and I enjoyed a cappuccino and a lovely couch, blabbing until SG picked us up and took us, famished, to brunch.

    Post-brunch, post-walk swim and laughs