1. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about the sporadic (or non-existent) updates of this blog. Fear not, readers! It’s a New Year. I’m inspired… I’m going to start giving you more.

    Let’s start with this link CB sent me this morning, 50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life. He’s always funnier than the content he sends me… but this is pretty good.


  2. Love this.


  3. I was just minding my own business last night, sitting on a porch on Captiva Island, when I felt a painful pinch on my toe. After I shrieked, I looked down to see this enormous ghost crab.

    He appeared out of no where and just chilled for a while with me.

    No big deal.


  4. Eating on the subway is just an unspoken “no”. The tourists breaking this rule with a slice of pizza, the fat Dominican eating Burger King, or the Asian man eating sesame noodles, all get the glare. Basically an iced coffee is all you can get away with.

    And certainly not chopping onions.