1. It is incredible to think I was terribly, terribly sick in this photo, for when I see it, all I remember is the great joy and love I felt on this day.

    After a night of violent vomiting I was weak in bed, half-watching strange Indian television, when Shyamdas came in to check on me. He sat on the side of the bed, along with Carla and Bettina, and held my hand, made me laugh and told me I must find the strength to hike with them today to a very special place. Somehow I did. And that afternoon at the Jain temples, in the gorgeous golden sun and clear, blue skies, I was surrounded by a sense of love and peace that is still very much with me.

    Thank you, Shyamdasji.


  2. NYE 2011

    NYE 2012

    In all that has changed in the last year, it’s wonderful to have some of the most important things stay the same.

    No, the tree behind us is not on fire… but the fireworks are.


  3. Two grey seals appear to be sharing a joke.


  4. This is before the pink boas and the second (or third?) Red Bull and vodka…

    I’m so grateful for amazing women in my life… like KHY whose heart radiates love so strongly it’s contagious. Jai!


  5. ML sent this grainy photo yesterday, in an email playfully titled, “You and Your Girlfriend”.

    She caught BS and me—lost in leelah and floating on the bhava—on a brief trip back in time to our India Experience, as we listened to Shyamdas during his recent kirtan performance at Love Yoga.


  6. Missing India. Daily.


  7. I miss summer. And biking. Biking in the wrong direction on Wythe late one afternoon, screaming with AE, “I’m afraid to love!” while laughing hysterically.

    Clearly, we were not afraid to love afterall.