1. My classes don’t start until Monday, but I’ve been helping BS study for her up-coming yoga anatomy exam.


  2. Arlo joined the dinner party.


  3. This photo of TH is definitely blog-worthy. Reminds me it’s time for an NYC trip… or Morocco…


  4. Where Does All the Time Go?

    When you don’t know the answer to this question, it helps to clean out your phone camera and see what happens on these days that pass so quickly in this slow, simple town.

    I admired a passion flower.

    I road-triped along canopied highways through sleepy Southern towns with charming road-side stands.

    I ate a silent breakfast on the porch of the Gainesville Retreat Center while a Guinea Hen quietly carried on in the yard eating ticks from the grass.

    I stared up at the magnifient summer sky.

    I help CK celebrate her birthday with the family’s special Blitz cake recipe.

    I discovered Peace, Love and LIttle Doughnuts, an unexpected outpost of the Pittsburg bakery, inside a local BP gas station. (They brew Inteligencia coffee!)

    I walked around the Design District where the best artwork isn’t in the many galleries, but sprayed, plastered, painted and papered on the walls.

    I devoured a ginger beer-battered Mahi taco with pineapple-cilantro salsa and cabbage-jalapeno slaw from the food truck gathering at Art Walk Miami.

    I had my first experience in a $3k-per-night hotel suite.

    I slowly drank many cups of coffee (out of my favorite mug) during long hours of studying and deadlines.

    I saw a woman with a tattoo of the face of the man sitting next to her.

    I savored two of my favorite foods, salted butter and olives, before dinner at Bleu Provence.

    I watched another perfect sunset from a boat.

    I ate a lot of fresh, juicy peaches.

    I lounged around with my best friend.


  5. Q: What Do You Crave After Five Months in Africa?

    A: Nachos and beer

    Enroute: AB in NYC traffic

    GM, EF and I been counting down the days—and finally—our dear AB has arrived back on American soil after extensive travel in Africa.

    From JFK, we race to Brooklyn to pound beer and piled-high nachos, before her connecting LGA flight to her parents in Ohio. I keep stopping mid-chew just to hug the skinny, tanned AB who glows like the equator.

    In two weeks, she’ll be back for good. We wait patiently.


  6. The Bi-“Ko”astal Gardener

    An hour before her flight to Los Angeles, CK can be found on her East Village rooftop lovingly repotting heirloom tomato plants and feeding her compost pile citrus rinds.

    This is the kind of quality time you get with her in the early mornings, and just another reason you’ll miss her while she’s on Pacific time.