1. It’s times like these, when I see a piece of lettuce on my bagel and lox, that I’m reminded of the lack of Jews in this town. Oy vey.


  2. Fashion Plates

    Mildly interested in the happenings of this year’s upcoming New York fall fashion week, starting this week… but totally interested in CK's latest piece on places to eat around Lincoln Center the New York Post.

    “When the stiletto crowd begins teetering up the steps of Lincoln Plaza for Fashion Week early Wednesday morning, they’ll need something more than their Louboutins and Fiber One promo bars to keep them on their beleaguered feet…”


  3. These are Chicken Balls

    You’ve never ordered them in the past because, frankly, they sound disgusting. And you don’t really even eat chicken. But then you had a seriously weird day and you meet some friends for a beer. And you’re hungry and so you try one of theirs’… with that cute little forky/toothpicky thing, and then you decide they’re amazing. You know, “for Naples.”


  4. Where Does All the Time Go?

    When you don’t know the answer to this question, it helps to clean out your phone camera and see what happens on these days that pass so quickly in this slow, simple town.

    I admired a passion flower.

    I road-triped along canopied highways through sleepy Southern towns with charming road-side stands.

    I ate a silent breakfast on the porch of the Gainesville Retreat Center while a Guinea Hen quietly carried on in the yard eating ticks from the grass.

    I stared up at the magnifient summer sky.

    I help CK celebrate her birthday with the family’s special Blitz cake recipe.

    I discovered Peace, Love and LIttle Doughnuts, an unexpected outpost of the Pittsburg bakery, inside a local BP gas station. (They brew Inteligencia coffee!)

    I walked around the Design District where the best artwork isn’t in the many galleries, but sprayed, plastered, painted and papered on the walls.

    I devoured a ginger beer-battered Mahi taco with pineapple-cilantro salsa and cabbage-jalapeno slaw from the food truck gathering at Art Walk Miami.

    I had my first experience in a $3k-per-night hotel suite.

    I slowly drank many cups of coffee (out of my favorite mug) during long hours of studying and deadlines.

    I saw a woman with a tattoo of the face of the man sitting next to her.

    I savored two of my favorite foods, salted butter and olives, before dinner at Bleu Provence.

    I watched another perfect sunset from a boat.

    I ate a lot of fresh, juicy peaches.

    I lounged around with my best friend.


  5. Maybe This is Why You’re Fat

    Listen, America, have a glass of water, a piece of fruit, a square of chocolate and leave these 20 Worst Beverages alone. Check out the actual calories, grams of fat and sugar contained in this Men’s Health’s death drink roundup and see if you’re still thirsty.

    SG: I know the McDonald’s chocolate milkshake is an occasional guilty treat. Let’s reconsider.