1. I just wrote about this awesome bathing suit for Stylebop. I’d love it for summer. Actually the one-piece is even nicer. But what about the inconvenient tan lines?


  2. Clothes might make the man.

    This may explain my sudden brillance working at the Neighborhood Health Clinic in a white lab coat.


  3. You might feel as though I’ve been holding out by waiting to tell you about Arte Mare at the end of the summer. I know, you should have known about these gorgeous beach accessories back on Memorial Day, but only now can a beach bum like yourself go online to get ‘em.

    Leave it to my ever-stylish, ever-inspiring, dear friend AM to co-create (along with QS) this line of timeless toys for the beachcomber. She used sustainable woods (like American pine and walnut) and supple leather to bring the 1950s-era beach racket design—all handmade in California— to life. (No wonder they sold out in a Hamptons boutique in just two weeks.

    And the genius terry cloth beach towels with the secret corner pockets? Well, if someone thought of it sooner, there’s no way it would be this perfect. I must have one. No, two.

    Thankfully the globetrotting AM splits her time between New York and Miami which means we’ll be playing a mad game of Kadima on the sands soon!

    (While we’re busy doing that, you can follow Arte Mare’s developments here.)


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