1. North 7th and Regular

    Well, if Williamsburg wasn’t already “over” it certainly is now.

    I remember making a phone call to my mother on August 1, 2003 sitting on the step of Northside Pharmacy. I called to tell her I had found an apartment I loved on Bedford Avenue in… Brooklyn. And that yeah, it seemed safe, enough.

    Much has changed in those magical ten years — for me and for Williamsburg.

    Having just returned from my old neighborhood, which I often still describe as my first true love, I can comfortably say that it was “over” well before the worst coffee in America opened doors at its epicenter.

    I recall distinctly a 2010 summer afternoon when I ran into the ever-expressive, Williamsburg OG, Patrick, who, after observing the circus of 22 year-old idiots parading down Bedford Avenue as we sat on a stoop drinking non-Dunkin Donut coffee, nearly screamed, “This place is a joke! And I can’t have all these jokes in my face!”

    I moved that fall. But in truth, my heart does still linger there.


  2. Greenpoint Summer


  3. I miss summer. And biking. Biking in the wrong direction on Wythe late one afternoon, screaming with AE, “I’m afraid to love!” while laughing hysterically.

    Clearly, we were not afraid to love afterall.


  4. A beautiful photo by AH — a Brooklyn beach at sunrise.


  5. As beautiful as my new town is, I still miss the street art and graffiti of New York every time I step foot out of the house. Sure, international varieties of flora perfectly manicured, sparkling $100,000 cars in every driveway, and palettes of pastels are a luxury, but nothing enriches my imagination like stumbling upon some spray-painted wisdom on a crumbling factory building in Brooklyn.


  6. Greenpoint Neighborhood Watch

    AS, my favorite Greenpointer, found this gem.


  7. Halloween or Williamsburg

    “What are you supposed to be?”
    “Oh, I’m a Rubik’s cube grandma. You?”
    “This isn’t a costume. I just sell antique trash.”

    Genius and timely Tumblr, Halloween or Williamsburg, celebrates (or mocks) my old ‘hood.

    What up South First and Bedford, 2003.


  8. It’s hot everywhere. Including Brooklyn where this photograph was taken.

    Photographer Chris Arande who submitted to NYS, describes the setting:

    It was close to a hundred today so the hydrants where open. These kids had laid a plank in front of the spout and where “street surfing”. Ty-Shawn, Jaquan, Nahjee, and Dallas (I wrote it down) jumped at the chance for a picture. Now I have to bring back four copies of this picture and a Barbados flag (Dallas), a copy of the picture with sparkles (Nahjee), fruit soda (Jaquan) and a toy gun (Ty-Shawn). Got it.


  9. Winner at Trophy


  10. Eating from the Garden

    First taste of home-grown vegetables. Cucumbers from 94 Diamond. Fucking delicious. And we grew it!