1. “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”
    — Albert Einstein


  2. 6 Perfumes You Sprayed and Loved


  3. Currently Delighting In…

    It’s about time for a new Current Obsessions post.

    (I’m changing the title because I’m sick of people being “obsessed” with things. Just as I’m sick of chick-lit books being titled “Confession of a ________.”)

    1. Cheerios

    This cereal is awesome. (And not to be confused with nasty Honey Nut Cheerios which will forever be ruined for me after Josef Morphus’s mother poured bowls of it for us every, single morning in fourth grade.) Plain Cheerios with sliced strawberries from the farmers’ market? Dinner is served.

    2. Tom Petty

    I’ve always loved that sunken-faced weirdo, but only recently - when I was pulling off the highway, with my sunroof catching the cool air of a fiery sunset, as “Breakdown" cranked on the stereo - did I ask myself why I don’t listen to him all damn the time.

    3. Strong Arms and Legs

    With just a few weeks of daily power yoga under my belt, my arms and legs are already changing before my eyes. And honestly, nothing beats that feeling.

    4. Friday Night Lights

    Okay, so the show has been receiving rave reviews for years now, but I’m only now getting in on it. Who knew a sprots drama about a high school football team could be so good? The acting and the story lines are totally addictive. The last episode I watched that cute neighbor of ours from Bedford Avenue was cast as a bronco-riding cowboy.

    5. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

    This cheap-ass, old-school moisterizer has been off my radar since college. It’s back in a big way, and these days I’m all about its chocolately fragrance and the air brush effect it gives my legs. To hell with you, Kiehl’s.

    6. Survey Cafe

    Bonita Springs, Florida was originally named Survey. The small outpost was nothing much back in 1912 when its townspeople suggested a name change to draw tourists and their money. Today, the name returns to an adorable local-supported cafe where they serve organic coffees and a full menu of homemade masterpieces. The Survey Cafe is the only place around where I can read the paper with a coffee and bagel. Instead of Starbucks, I opt for taking my coffee on a deck shaded by grand oak trees and inspired by old-Florida friendliness. (Thank God for you, Survey Cafe, but please change your music selection.)

    7. Less of Everything

    I now know now that while I have a closet overflowing with clothes back in Brooklyn, all I really need are a couple items. Preferably two American Apparel t-shirts and a way-old pair of premium denim jeans I love. It’s all I’ve worn, along with my life-saving black wool sweater-jacket, in this crazy-cold weather down here. Frankly, I’m finding that less is just so much more.

    8. Throws

    No couch anywhere should be without a super-warm, super-soft throw. Period.

    9. Remembering Adventure

    Things have been way heavy lately, but when planning for Road Trip 2010, the heart soars and life comes back. Here’s to lightening up, everyone.

    10. Random Country Songs

    Who knew? Love when I catch this tune on Gator Country.