1. This is Happening

    The highly anticipated opening of James Turrell’s latest work at the Guggenheim is upon us. He’s one of my favorites and I can’t wait to experience it. In New York this summer? Go!


  2. Novels in Color

    A graphic designer embarked on the painstaking project of graphing the visual color content of classic novels. Anywhere color is mentioned in its pages, she documents and displays it in ordered and surprising spectrum. Check it. Pretty cool.


  3. Oh man, I love this exhibit. The interview in the Atlantic is great, too.

    In fourth grade, a sixth grader named Angela was leaning up against a laundry mat with one leg bent and her white Ked pressed against the wall. (Where was my mother?) I remember the interaction exactly.

    Me: Hi, Angela. What are you doing?

    Angela: Well, why don’t you come over here and find out.

    Of course I did, and discovered her taking short, amateurish drags of a cigarette that she held between two Lee Press-On Nailed fingers. (It was the ’80s after all.)

    I didn’t have my first cigarette then. Or the hundreds of other times I was offered one in middle or high school—but in college, in London, where everyone smoked and I decided I’d try, too. Thankfully it didn’t stick, but when I did take my first drag, I remembered Angela… and wondered if she was dying of lung cancer all those years later.


  4. All the magic of the universe, right here within us.

    from Taylor Allen’s Astronomy.


  5. I love this photography project Car Poolers featuring shots of Mexican commuters taken from a highway overpass, by Alejando Cartagena.

    Found here.


  6. My New Favorite Thing

    Take a quick trip around the world with artist Jon Rafman's collection of Google Map images, curated with both dark humor and an appreciation of life's strange magic.

    I particularly love the fire hydrant, the butterfly and the little boy hiding.


  7. Images of Afghanistan are usually the mournful faces of a war-torn world, but this project by photographer Martin Middlebrook, shows hope in the eyes of these people who have long-suffered. It’s featured today by the Atlantic — and right here, too.


  8. While I was out in California, I really fell for the blockprint work of Tom Killion, an artist who must share the same love I have for Point Reyes. Only someone who has been touched deeply by the beauty of this wild coast, rolling hills and jutting cliffs could capture it like he has.


  9. I’d like to nap here. All alone. With the AC turned low. And the blankets piled high.

    Cloud Chamber, Samantha Clarke

    Snagged from Gaks