1. This is Happening

    The highly anticipated opening of James Turrell’s latest work at the Guggenheim is upon us. He’s one of my favorites and I can’t wait to experience it. In New York this summer? Go!


  2. Novels in Color

    A graphic designer embarked on the painstaking project of graphing the visual color content of classic novels. Anywhere color is mentioned in its pages, she documents and displays it in ordered and surprising spectrum. Check it. Pretty cool.


  3. My New Favorite Thing

    Take a quick trip around the world with artist Jon Rafman's collection of Google Map images, curated with both dark humor and an appreciation of life's strange magic.

    I particularly love the fire hydrant, the butterfly and the little boy hiding.


  4. Love this.



  6. This piece, part of the Color Codification collection by Lauren Dicioccio, would be perfect on my empty wall. Love it. It’s like the vibrant blur of my former magazine life — just a blip on the itinerary of my ever-unfolding journey.

    Inspired by a post from Ricky Linn


  7. Really loving this landscape photography by Diego Berro Studio.


  8. These sand sculptures of a (surprisingly) Cleveland-based artist are incredible.