1. African Black Rhino Now Extinct

    This is shameful, Humans.


  2. Two grey seals appear to be sharing a joke.


  3. Best Wildlife Photography of 2012

    A fish-eye lens was used by photographer Anna Henly to capture a polar bear on its quest for sure-footing in the North Pole. The winning image is featured in this month’s Atlantic, along with some other incredible snaps now considered the best wildlife photography of 2012. My favorite is the hare.



  5. I was just minding my own business last night, sitting on a porch on Captiva Island, when I felt a painful pinch on my toe. After I shrieked, I looked down to see this enormous ghost crab.

    He appeared out of no where and just chilled for a while with me.

    No big deal.



  7. Oh, Arlo. Can you even stand it?


  8. I fucking love this.

  9. The urban goat, Cocoa.