1. Arlo loves the moustache collar I brought him back from Colombia.


  2. Today at Food and Thought, the most adorable little girl French girl, wearing a black-and-white gingham dress with matching patent leather Mary Janes and frilly socks, came up to Arlo and whispered to him, “You are very special.”


  3. Oh, Arlo. Can you even stand it?


  4. My dear friends MC and TR looked after Arlo while I was away in New York last weekend.

    I was a bit nervous to leave him, wondering if he’d had separation anxiety or be any trouble — but clearly this worry was unnecessary.

    MC sent me this photo shortly after I left. “See, everyone loves the Golden Girls.”


  5. Don’t even think about moving Arlo off my new bed. The mattress is super-fancy, made with a high-tech material that causes comatose states immediately upon laying down.

    If you approach the schnauzer with the intention of disrupting his heavenly snooze, the twenty-pound dog will give a funny little growl that practically shakes his entire body.

    Mad. But adorable.


  6. Photo Project: An Arlo a Day

    While I’m traveling for the next two weeks, I’ve asked SG, who is watching the schnauzer, to send a daily photo. We’re only up to day two, but I know you’re dying to see his fuzzy muzzle.

    Snoozing in his bed while running errands with SG

    Laser Eyes! Wrapped up in a blanket, enduring the record-cold temperatures this week.


  7. Arlo Destroys My New Car

    What, you want to go to Dog Beach?

    Okay, fine.

    Here we are. Go play.

    Wet, sandy and happily breaking in my new car.


  8. I Have a Dog Seatbelt

    Arlo is a maniac in the car so the handsome devil needs to be restrained in the back while we cruise. This morning he was all strapped in on the way to Survey Cafe, where I like to sit on the deck in this nice Florida fall weather and work with a non-Starbucks cup of coffee.

    So we’re flying down Bonita Beach Road, windows down because the weather’s so dope. I’m singing along to Taylor Swift on the radio (fuck you, it’s Florida) when suddenly Arlo has climbed on to my lap.

    There is no sign of chewed straps. It appears he as Houdinied himself out of his harness, which is still fastened.

    Right now, he’s engaged in an intense staring contest with a cafe cat. We’re into minute seven and there are no signs of surrender.


  9. Arlo Learns to Swim at Dog Beach

    Just north of New Pass, tucked away on a quiet stretch of Bonita Beach is Dog Beach — a strip of powder-white sand, shallow, crystal-clear water and mangroves, where leashes are cast off and everyone acts like the animals they are.

    After blabbing with several other dog-owning beachgoers and tossing the ball for Arlo, my pink bikini and I jumped into the Gulf. Arlo, who was the smallest fellow there, went nutso — pacing the beach, whining, wondering what on earth he’ll do with all that water between us.

    Everyone on the beach watched as he started wading in after me. He looked like a drowned rat, fearlessly paddling forth as the small waves broke over his silly schnauzer face.

    We met half-way to cheers from the shore.

    Oh, he swims like his mama.


  10. Arlo Discovers the iPhoto Booth

    What’s awesome is that he seems to understand that a pair of red Tom’s means “We’re going for a walk!” and a pair of heels mean “She’s going out and I’m staying home.”

    Today he went for his first kayak ride on the Estero River. And while I regret I have no photos of the event, take my word that this little guy might actually be a Portuguese Water Schnauzer.