1. i’m smiling just imagining my favorite people in this room with me. how nice it would be.



  3. Donated my hair to Locks of Love.


  4. Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

    Pura Lempuyang Door in Bali, Indonesia


  5. A Writer in Graduate School

    “TWO papers?!” the girl next to me gasps in shock and fear.

    “TWO papers?!” I sigh disappointedly.


  6. Radhe, Shyam

    My dear teacher, I miss you everyday, even though you’re right here with me.


  7. Still the best.


  8. This moronic graphic had been spotted on T-shirts and American-made car bummers as of late. I can’t help but notice that the math here is terribly off, as shown here on the list of American Military Casualties since May 2003.

    And let’s not forget that every 65 minutes an American armed services member commits suicide.

    Not to mention the countless civilians in the Middle East who have been destroyed by this ten-year war.

    So, fuck that 1:0 ratio.



  10. I’m busy watching this thing, which attached to my patio door yesterday…

    … and turned itself into this thing…

    … as it magically becomes this…

    … a Polydamas Swallowtail.